Commercial Landscaping

The look of your commercial property on the outside should reflect the way it looks on the inside. And even if it doesn’t – your clients or visitors will think it does. Make a good first impression with these landscaping improvement tips.

  1. Maintain visibility. Try not to let trees, shrubs, and large bushes become overgrown and cover your property too much. Make sure plants aren’t blocking signs, logos, and other important aspects of your building and property. Keep in mind that all sides need to be relatively clear, so people driving or walking by will know what your property is for.
  2. Establish curb appeal. Although all of the landscaping around your building should be well maintained, anything at the front of your property should be especially clean. Remove weeds from sidewalks and flower beds and keep the grass cut regularly.
  3. Incorporate color tastefully. Adding some simple color to your landscaping will attract the attention of those passing by. Yellows, reds, oranges, and deep pinks are all great colors to incorporate. Try not to get too overzealous with the color though – the right colors in moderation will leave a pleasant, happy environment around your property.
  4. Pay attention to walkways. Walkways can be creatively customized to fit the personality of your commercial property or you can choose a clean and simple look with plain concrete. Whichever you choose, walkways must also be functional and safe.
  5. Choose low maintenance plants. You don’t want to get caught spending too much time and money on your landscaping, so it’s important to pick plants and walkway materials that are low maintenance but still look great. You can have a beautiful display and professional look with easy to maintain plants and walkways.

Your personality and business can truly shine on the outside with the proper landscaping. Remember the exterior is what your visitors will see first!

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