For soils and rocks that are 1” or smaller plan on 1 cubic yard covering 160 square feet 2 inches deep. For rocks that are 2” plan on 1 cubic yard covering 108 square feet at 3 inches so that you have adequate coverage and the rock is not spread too thin.
For cobbles, 1 cubic yard will cover 80 square feet to get adequate coverage.

For yards that are square or rectangular its easy. Multiply the length times the width. Measure in feet not inches. If it is an odd shaped yard with curves break it in to squares or rectangles then we just apply the length x width= area formula and add up the totals for each of the areas to get your total square footage. Final option, give us a sketch with all your measurements and we are more than happy to do the calculations.

We have a sheet that we can give you if you come into the store with all the information that covers everything from “Prep” thru “Long Term Care”. Or you can download it from this LINK,

We have smaller bobtail trucks that can haul a maximum of 5 yards of material. We also have a transfer truck that can haul up to 19 yards of material and we also offer forklift delivery.

We need a minimum of 10 ft wide access to be able to back into a back yard through a gate with no overhead obstructions. Ultimately, it is up to the driver’s discretion for safety to access a back yard or area where you would like the material dropped. Our drivers do their best to accommodate our customers needs and when they are on site, they have a better idea of the conditions. During the rainy season we never drive off the pavement.

Typically, it is curbside or driveway delivery. It will be up to driver’s discretion.  If the forklift can reach the place where you want them placed easily we will do our best to accommodate you. If it will take more than 10 minutes, there may be additional fees. Call our office for details and we would be happy to discuss them with you.

The best way to accommodate your needs is to give us as much notice as possible so we may make sure we get the products the day you would like them.  Quite often if a bulk product is ordered in the morning we can do a dump truck delivery same day or next day. During the busiest times of year, we do at times, book out several days so place your order as soon as possible.

We have a good planter’s mix that we blend in-house. It’s a blend of mushroom compost, forest humus, and sandy loam. It also can be used under sod. This blend is well balanced and extremely popular landscapers, gardeners, and homeowners.  We also carry a very high end soil called Happy Hippy Mix.  It is used for very demanding growing situations.

 We sell stone both palletized and individually.  We have a weight scale and sell them by weight. 

Regrettably no. If your pickup has a camper shell or tonneau cover your vehicle must be loaded by hand. We can bring the loader bucket up to a workable height for you to hand shovel it. We really recommend you have us deliver the products if you only have a vehicle with the bed covered or an SUV.

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