Forest Humus

$43.95 cu. yd.

Forest Humus is a decomposed green waste compost product that is used to help amend soil before planting in native soil. In sandy soils this will add nutrients and help retain moisture for the plants. In heavier soils this will help keep the soil from compacting and becoming rock hard so roots are able to penetrate deeper and it allows for some moisture to wick away. For Sod (grass) and other plants we recommend spreading humus 2 to 3″ deep and rototilling it in 4 to 6 inches. We do not recommend planting straight into compost without blending it with native topsoil. Humus can also be used as a top dressing if spread 1″ or less. If spreading humus 2″ deep, 1 cubic yard of humus will cover 160 square feet and spreading at 3″ deep 1 cubic yard will cover 108 square feet deep.

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